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A better mediaelement for Drupal 7

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The iMediaElement module is based on the MediaElement module for Drupal 7 but uses an improved mediaelement library and provides some super-useful features not found in the version:

Installation and Usage

  1. Download/git the improved mediaelement library and extract to $base_url/sites/all/libraries/imediaelement

    • Optional Customize mediaelement.js for your specific needs ( ads, playlist, sourcechooser, or other features) by editing the grunt/concat task or editing the /src/ assets and rebuilding the script.

      • cd path/to/imediaelement
      • npm install : installs grunt & tasks.
      • grunt : compiles all /src/ assets to /local-build/.
      • grunt build : copies the /local-build/ to /build/.
  2. Download/git the mediaelement module and extract to $base_url/sites/$site/modules/imediaelement

  3. Enable the module.

Configure global settings

Select the player skin other sitewide options that make you happy: $base_url/admin/config/media/imediaelement

Configure content fields

Add fields: Your content type should include some type of media.


Manage Display: Set the Format to MediaElement Audio or MediaElement Video


3rd Party Sources

Streaming media from 3rd party sources is accomplished by adding a link field displayed as Mediaelement Audio/Video. Youtube & Vimeo are explicitly supported, though other providers may also be used as long as they provide public file access.

The link may reference either the Embed ( or Share ( source.

It's best to use protocol agnostic ( // links, although that isn't a requirement.

Player Skins

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